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Short film Sound Recordist/Boom Op

Short films make up the majority of my work, whether it be as a recordist or as a boom op. I enjoy the creativity of working on the smaller sets, as you often have to think outside of the box to solve problems as you might have more restrictions than you usual would have, but still have to get great sound.

Sound Assistant

Although music is what I originally studied, I have always had a passion for Film and TV drama, so to get to be a part of the sound team that works on productions is a privilege!
In contrast to some of the recordist work, I love working as part of a team, and also as part of a larger crew. I enjoy the hustle and bustle of getting ready each each day, and being even just a small part of the journey towards recording good sound on set!
Also available for studio TV an OB assistant work.

Sound Recordist for Documentary, Corporate, interviews and non fiction.

As much as the majority of my work is on the drama side of things, I relish the opportunity when I get to work on documentaries, corporate ads, or any other projects that might need sound recorded. It is something I am eager to continue to do more of.

To learn more about my services, or to discuss a project, feel free to reach out.
CV available on request

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